Presentation Wing

Starting with a statistic, a survey conducted in America a few years ago showed that people fearing death are less than people afraid to stand on a stage and present themselves in front of a number of people. What a strange!

We are presenting ourselves every time talking to someone, but on a stage we have to face human problems to present ourselves in formal or informal form.

From the beginning of the education to the end of the career, it cannot be finished with the usefulness of mastering the technique of presentation.

Presentation wing is working to build members as skilled presenter.


Functions of Presentation Wing –

Ø Members have to give power point presentation to each of the four sessions monthly organized.

Ø Any problem related to presentation are solved technically.

Ø Skillful presentation techniques have been taught by organizing workshops.

Ø We also offer at least three presentation competitions every year.


Naym Ahamed

Secretary (Presentation)

CUET Career Club