BCS Wing

BCS is meant to Bangladesh Civil Service. Every year, the examination of BCS is conducted by Bangladesh Public Service Commission for 26 government cadres where graduated students can participate.

In the country Bangladesh, government jobs, honor, status, safety and security all attract people. So every parents want to have a safe future for the child, wherever they study, their son / daughter will participate in the BCS exam.

And so the preparations for the BCS exam are started in graduation or even before. Because the CUET Career Club is working on the future of the students, our efforts continue to prepare for the successful preparation of the BCS as well as for competitive exams.

Functions of BCS Wing –

  • Two weekly sessions among four are spent for BCS preparations per month. The length of each session is approximately 2 hours.
  • One or two pages of BCS Preparation materials are given to the BCS Wing’s Facebook group every morning. After 5-6 hours, 5 questions are given for test. Interested students can put answers in the comments box.
  • At the end of each month there is a 30 marks test, which is from the questions given on Facebook in the past days.
  • Besides, the career club organizes seminars with BCS cadres to get accurate and objective information about BCS.

Al Masum

Finance Secretary & Secretary (BCS)

CUET Career Club